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Our Story

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The Home of 

At OATIS we want to take struggle of finding healthy, fresh and filling food away from our customers by providing them with wholesome eats. Want to make sure you're energised instead of needing a nap after breakfast or lunch? The stress about what to pick from a menu can be real! 

We made sure that everything on our menu is developed to contribute to your daily nutritional intake, there are no hidden ingredients, food is made to order fresh on site and we naturally cater to current dietary requirements. 

The Power of
Steel-Cut Oats

Oat’s aren’t just mouth-watering. They’re also healthy (but only if you want it to be). According to a recent Harvard study, oatmeal is a great healthy way to start your day. Studies show that when eaten regularly, oats reduces your risk of heart disease by 15%. Wow. From lower cholesterol and weight loss, to dietary fibre and reduced cancer and diabetes, oats are a keystone of a healthy diet.


Sustain your lifestyle choice,
stay energised and full for  longer,
eat wholesome at OATIS.

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